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Cats Eye Kanak Kheth


Cats Eye Gemstone, Kanak Kheth


The gemstone is called Cat's Eye gemstone because it bears an appearance of a cat's eye. The stone is recognized with a ray passing through its centre that precisely looks like an eye of cat. The stone is also known as Lehsunia, Vaiduria, Cymophane, Kanak Keth and Chrysoberyl Cats Eye Gems. Plentifully, the gemstone is found in honey color, yellowish green and black. Cat's eye stone is also worn to nullify the malefic effects of Ketu.

The cat's eye gemstones are found in Brazil, Burma, China, and Sri Lanka. Cat's eye stone blesses the wearer with support, stability, valor, determination and wisdom. Also it brings enlightenment towards the path to moksha (liberation). Cat's eye gems are also known for its power to attract sudden wealth. Cat's eye stone is a gem that belongs to planet Ketu.

Cat’s Eye and Planet Ketu:

As per Vedic mythology, Rahu and Ketu were in one body. While churning the Milk Ocean, nectar pitcher was one of the prized possessions to come out. This led to a war between gods and demons, hence Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini, the most attractive and charming woman, and started to distribute or feed nectar to both of them. However, demon Rahu noticed that it was Lord Vishnu in the garb of Mohini and He was not being honest in distribution of nectar. Therefore, Rahu sat among the gods in the garb of a divine god. Moon and Sun noticed him sitting with gods, and they informed Lord Vishnu. Rahu just gulped down little nectar, Lord Vishnu arrived and chopped his head off the neck with His divine Sudarshan Chakra but he could live as he had drunk the nectar already.

Lord Vishnu threw his both the pieces, now alive as two separate demons, in opposite directions. The head remained Rahu and the remaining body was named as Ketu. So, Cat's Eye Gemstone saves people from the evil effects of Ketu demon.


  • Enhanced wisdom and intellect.
  • Immense wealth.
  • Protection from accidents and mishaps.
  • Cures physical weaknesses.
  • Harmony with others and accept their own self.
  • Stabilizes emotions.
  • Enhances the abilities to deal with challenging situations.

Keep it clean:

Once you buy Cat’s Eye ensure your take care of it. Kindly clean with a pliable polishing cloth and plain water. You may rinse with mild solution of soap and water. Avoid using commercial jewelry cleaner as they can damage the gemstone.

* The best time to wear a cat's eye ring is two hours after sunset, or in the evening.