3 metal Astrological Ring

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3 metal Astrological Ring
Gold used: approx. 2.50 gms
Silver used: approx. 1.50 gms
Copper used: approx. 1 gm
Inner diameter of ring: 21mm

Product Name : 3 metal Astrological Ring

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This three metal astrological ring in twisted rope pattern is a powerful ring. Made of 3 metals namely pure gold, pure silver and pure copper in perfect proportion, it represents the three nadis (spinal currents) Ida, Pingla and Sushumna. The electrical and magnetic radiations present in universe affect the human body; the astral light emitted by pure metals helps counter the negative influences of the astrological planets. Thus this ring is highly effective in pacifying malefic of all planets. The ring also helps balance the excess static electrical of body thus help improve health. Wear this ring regularly for best results. This beautifully crafted ring is highly recommended for those who wish to deepen their meditation. Gift this ring to your loved ones to reinforce the spiritual relationship with them. It is ideally worn in left finger.


  • Helps reduce effect of negative energies
  • Helps pacify malefic influence of astrological planets
  • Improves focus, concentration, vitality and health
  • Helps in grounding and deepens meditation practice

  • Gold used: Approx. 2.50 gms
    Silver used: Approx. 1.50 gms
    Copper used: Approx. 1 gm
    Inner diameter of ring: 21 mm

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