Bel Patra Mala

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Bel Patra Mala
No. of Leaves - 108+1
Length - 82 Inches

Product Name : Bel Patra Mala

Product Code : BPM01

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A mala for offering made from 108 German silver Belpatra leaves.

Bel or Bilva leaves are one of the favorites of Lord Shiva. The Bel Patra is widely used in worship of Lord Shiva Lingam especially in a trifoliate form, which symbolizes Trikaal or the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh and also Trinetra or three eyes of Lord Shiva. Once when Lord Brahmaji was asked about the easiest method to please Lord Shiva, He replied that for Lord Shiva, 100 lotus flowers are equal to 1 Neelkamal and 1000 Neelkamals are equal to 1 Belpatra. Thus, Bel Patra is the easiest way to worship and please Lord Shiva.

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