Durga pendant Choker

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Durga pendant Choker in Gold
Weight of Gold: 7 gms

Product Name : Durga pendant Choker

Product Code : RST46

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A 9 mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal with caps made in soft woven thread with an adjustable lobster clasp closure is worn as a divine spiritual choker. Nine mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by Shakti, the divine feminine power. She is manifestation of Kali (protection), Saraswati (Knowledge) and Mahalaxmi (Wealth). It helps build and enhance connection with Goddess Durga and blesses with the power of destroying sins and worries. The wearer is blessed with both Bhogha (worldly comforts and fulfillment of materialistic desires) and Moksha (liberation). The bead works on the Sahashara chakra and elevates the consciousness and to walk on the path of liberation. It is associated with the planet Rahu and removes its malefic effects.


  • To help win over all kinds of enemies
  • For optimism and contentment in life
  • For bravery, courage, positivity and endurance
  • To remove fear of ghosts and evil spirits
  • For energy, inner power, dynamism and fearlessness

  • Therapeutic Benefits: Helps cure neurotic disorders and psychological disorders like fear, phobia, OCD, depression, hallucinations and worries. Regulates functioning of the brain and nervous system. Helps cure dizziness and skin related ailments like pigmentation and psoriasis.

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