Loose Lotus beads

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Loose Lotus beads - 109 without hole
This set contains 109 Lotus beads without hole.

Product Name : Loose Lotus beads

Product Code : LB15

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Loose natural lotus seeds are dear to Goddess Laxmi and are offered to Her during puja. They can also be kept in cash boxes and altar for fortune and help overcome financial difficulties. The beads with hole can also be made into a mala for chanting mantras and blessings of Goddess Laxmi. Those without hole can be used for growing Lotus plant at home. Lotus grows and blooms in muddy water and maintains its purity and peace symbolizing spiritual growth and attainment of higher levels of consciousness by ignoring chaos and distraction of external world.


  • Bestows wealth, prosperity and material growth
  • Promotes growth and attracts new opportunities
  • Brings peace of mind and helps reduce Pitta imbalance
  • Helps improve speech and concentration

  • Bead Size: 15 mm x 11 mm

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