Panchapatra in copper

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Panchapatra in copper

Product Name : Panchapatra in copper

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Panchpatra and pali set (charan amrit set) is an integral part of poojas where in the holy charan amrit is placed before the pooja and then distributed upon the Pooja's completion. The Charanamrit literally means Amrit (Holy Nectar) from the Charan (Feet of the Lord) of the worshipped Deity and is partaken as a sacred offering or a holy gift after the completion of the Pooja.

The most pure Charanamrit is traditionally considered to be a thoughtful mixture of the five essential elements - ghee (clarified butter), water (Gangajal), curd, honey and tulsi leaves. This pious combination of the five primary elements is the Holy Charanamrit and is then offered from the Panchpatra & Pali Set to everyone at the end of the puja.

Height of panchapatra: 2.75 inches
Top Diameter of panchapatra: 3.25 inches
Height of Pali: 5 inches

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