Self Confidence Combination

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Self Confidence Combination - N
Average bead size: approx. 18mm to 33mm

Product Name : Self Confidence Combination

Product Code : RST172

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Origin: Nepal

Configuration: 4 mukhi, 5 mukhi, 7 mukhi, 11 mukhi and Gauri Shankar capped in pure silver with Shukra locket yantra.

Combination of 4 mukhi, 5 mukhi, 7 mukhi, 11 mukhi, Gauri Shankar Rudraksha and Shukra silver locket yantra for self confidence, communication skills, attraction of wealth and fulfillment of desires.

It makes the wearer bold, expressive, confident and charming. The wearer attains powerful and melodious speech, developing an aura of magnetism around him. The combination of Guru Rudraksha beads of 4, 5, 11 mukhis, Shukra Rudraksha beads of 7 mukhi, Gauri Shankar beads and Shukra Yantra, gives the wearer the dual power of knowledge and charm, enhancing wealth and inviting new opportunities.

Purpose: Provides relief in Insomnia, neck/shoulder pains, chronic throat problems, lung and heart diseases.

Bead size: Rudraksha are available in many sizes and grouped in regular, small and large sizes. For Java variety, J represent regular size, JS is small and JL is large.
For Nepal variety, N denotes regular size, NS small and NL is large size. In terms of long term effect, there is not much difference. In short term, larger sizes seem to work faster due to large surface area. Choice of size selection depends on the personal choice of the wearer.

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