Mercury (Hydrargyrum ’Hg’) comes from the Greek word hydrargyros meaning ‘water silver’ (As fluid as water and as shining as silver) after the Roman god Mercury who possesses swift momentum and grace (kinesis). It is found in deposits typically as cinnabar (mercuric sulfide).... Read More

Narmada Shivling


Banalinga, a smooth ellipsoid stone is a naturally occurring stone formed near the bed of the River Narmada in Madhya Pradesh, India. Based on scriptures and cultural traditions it is used as anionic symbol of worship by Hindus. These stones are archaic and are believed to hold divine vibrations. Installing a Narmada Shivling in a dwelling is considered auspicious. It is believed that Narmada Shiva Lingam (the Shivaling made of pebbles from sacred Narmada River) has the power to bring prosperity, fame, wealth, luck and peace in the lives of those who possess it. Chakra yog offers a range of exotically designed Narmada Lingam. Customers also have the option of buying this product with marble yoni base. Lingams are available in many shapes, sizes and designs. Sages have said that a Narmada Shivling or a Narmada nadi Lingam is full of energy and alive and hence it does not need a Praanpratishta puja (the ritualistic process of its installation). Place these sacred stones from Narmada at your home or office and get bestowed upon by Lord Shiva. As per to tantriks the Shivling has the soul seed that encompasses the essence of the entire universe. When a Shivling is properly installed in home or office or any religious place it emits vibrations that induce peace and harmony in the dwelling.

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