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Natural Basra Pearl Stone


Natural Basra Pearl Stone

Natural Pearl (Basra Moti):

Ruled by the Moon god, Natural Basra Pearl is believed to enhance the power of love, emotional balance, thoughtfulness and composure. Since the Moon planet is in charge of controlling the mind and emotional energies of living being, those who suffer from emotional imbalance and sore relationships with fellow beings may wear natural Basra gem. It blesses the wearer with mental power and emotional firmness. 

As far as Chakras of the body are concerned, the gem impacts Swadhisthana Chakra, The Sacral Chakra.  When this Chakra gets out of balance, the person runs into financial, sexual issues, and the debts. Also they are agonized by  lower back issues, muscle pains and fertility issues. Pearl gems energize the Sacral Chakra and the native gets back their self-worth feeling beloved and spiritually blissful.

Physical properties:

The Basra Pearl has a moonlike cloudy color and a spherical shape. It has consistent, spotless texture with no dents or scratches. If you want to clean it, use a soft slightly wet piece of cloth. Do not use ammonia or vinegar to clean it.