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Red Garnet

Red Garnet Stone


Red Garnet is a semiprecious gemstone connected with planet Mars. It is known as the stone for wellbeing and powerful cosmic energies. Love, achievement and popularity are rewarded to those who wear Red Garnet gemstones.

Historical And Astrological Context:

Known as 'The Stone of Health and Power', Red Garnet comes in numerous hues, the stone is prevalently known for its dark red shade that discharges tremendous profound energies. Garnets are accepted to be the most popular gemstones as a part of Europe amid Antiquity and the Middle Ages. Voyagers, brokers and representatives conveyed it on their adventures as it was known for bringing good fortunes and a serene trip.

The ruler of Red Garnet is Mars that controls self-confidence, bravery and energy in people. The malefic impacts of Mars such frustrations, resentment, delays in marriages etc. can be diminished by wearing Red Garnet gemstone.


  • Outbursts the sentiments of insecurity.
  • Cures different issues identified with physical and psychological wellness.
  • Stops prostrate issues and body weight problems.

Care and Usage:

  • One can use mild soap and water to clean the stone. Never use chemical for cleaning purpose.
  • Ensure the stone does not have scratches or face abrasion.
  • Wear it on the little finger only. It can be used as a bracelet.