Gemstones strengthen the role of planetary powers in your life and can boost your fortunes as they add cosmic colors to your Chakras and thus enhance their associated area of your life. Since time immemorial, gemstones have been used and thought to possess metaphysical powers. These stones have been revered and used for thousands of years... Read More

Serpentine Necklace

Serpentine mala

Serpentine gemstone mala helps in meditation. It is associated with the crown and heart chakra in the human body. Serpentine has been used for treating wide range of disorders from the ancient times. Stomach issues, kidney disorders are cured by wearing serpentine gemstone mala. It also assists with healing problems with heart and lung. It is also believed that serpentine gemstone mala helps to protect and bring peace in a person’s life. The feeling of aggression is also suppressed by wearing the serpentine gemstone mala. Serpentine gemstone mala emits a profound healing vibration and facilitates energetic activation in a person. It eliminates negativity and brings opportunity in the wearer’s life. It is considered as a health and wealth stone that gives longevity. It is also considered a humbling stone. It is believed that serpentine mala relaxes one’s mind. It balances mood swings and also helps to reduce stress in the wearer’s life.