In Sanskrit, the word Shiva means ‘The Auspicious One’. Lord Shiva is one of the holy Trinity or Forces behind the cosmic functioning. The Trinity includes Lord Brahma who performs creative tasks, Lord Vishnu, who maintains the created manifestations and Mahesh (Shiva) who annihilates the manifestations through Read More...

Shiva Yantra for Peace, Health, Spirituality

Lord Shiva :

Lord Shiva is the giver of liberation from the pangs of this material world as well as the bestower of all the worldly pleasures. By liberation, He attracts the faithful souls and takes them out of the endless of illusionary loops of anger, lust and greed making us aware of our true purpose of existence.

Power of Shiva Yantra:

  • Purifies every creation in the universe.
  • Destroys the negatives and creates new universes, new opportunities and new chances.
  • Represents the essence of flawless goodness and divinity.

Benefits of Shiva Yantra:

  • Offers the divine blessings of Lord Shiva.
  • Offers four benedictions: Health, Happiness, Good fortune and Fame.
  • Enhances love, music and beauty.
  • Opens you to the super consciousness and awards Lord Shiva’s divine grace.