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Sphatik Shivaling


Sphatik Shivling, lingam in Different Design and Weights

The lingam, popularly known as the Shivling is an aniconic symbolism of the much revered Hindu deity Lord Shiva. The Shivling is used for worship in shrines, temples and homes and is seen as a manifestation of energy. Lingam is generally associated with yoni which is a symbol of Goddess Shakti, the female creative energy. According to tantriks the Shivling has the soul seed that encompasses the essence of the entire universe. The Shivling has three specific sections, each representing the Hindu trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. When a Shivling is properly installed in home or office or any religious place it emits vibrations that induce peace and harmony in the dwelling.

Sphatik or Quartz is considered to be the most auspicious gemstone in the planet. A Shivling that is made from Sphatik does not need the ritualistic installation process of pran pratishtha and it never gets tainted. Worshipping a Sphatik Gemstone shivling brings success, happiness and fortune in a household. Worshiping a Sphatik Shiva linga is also considered to be equivalent to worshiping the "Jyotirlingas". Sphatik Shivling when placed in a dwelling brings peace, harmony and abundance in it. Chakrayog offers the best quality Sphatik Shivling in different size and shape and also gives instructions regarding its placement, direction and prayer techniques. Chakra Yog is a shopping destination for spiritual and religious items and also aids in the spiritual healing of an individual. You can also analyze your chakras and acquire knowledge on how to unblock the blocked chakras as well as the tools needed for the same.

Buy Sphatik Shivling online at Chakra Yog and choose from the following range of products:

  1. • Sphatik Shivaling with yoni base (different dimensions)
  2. • Sphatik Shivaling with snake design yoni base
  3. • Sphatik Lingam
  4. • Sphatik Shivling with german Silver Yoni base
  5. • Sunstone Shivaling
  6. • Rare large sphatik shivling with silver Yoni base