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White Coral

White Coral Gemstone and its Benefits


Coral has always represented blessed powers. Coral gemstones were honoured by the Ancient Egypt, Greece and Anglo-Saxon Europe. The stone was used by the crew of ships in order to keep away the sea devils like pirates, attackers and looters.

Benefits healing properties Of White Coral Gemstones:

  • Makes the wearer self-expressive.
  • Blesses the wearer with communication skills.
  • Balances vocal ability.
  • Helps in bonding and interpersonal relationships.

Healing powers:

  • Cures backache and strengthens the body's immunity

Take care of the stone:

  • After buying the stone, ensure you take care.
  • Brush the stone with soft cloth and never expose it chemicals or detergents.
  • The stone may carry negative energies before the first use. Detoxify it by dipping it in clean water overnight.